Isabella etou’s chief designer and creative director Su Jung studied fine arts in college and achieved a master’s degree in fashion design. Su Jung’s artistic flair and technical skill for handicrafts, along with a deep desire to create distinctly new designs, inspired her to launch the handmade luxury fashion jewelry brand isabella etou.

Isabella etou’s collections are the manifestations of ideas that come to life through an intricate and delicate combination of exquisite fabrics, precious gems, and metals. The use of distinct innovative techniques to integrate different materials in creating couture design elements elevates isabella etou beyond other brands.

Since its inception in 2007, isabella etou has gained recognition by celebrities and trend-setters. Devoted customers come back to isabella etou every season for its limited productions of unique original designs, which result from Su Jung’s relentless and fearless forays into unexplored esthetic domains, always striving to expand her horizons.

In mid 2015 isabella etou launched its official online store to provide a more diverse lineup of items and to better meet customer demands. Isabella etou is also sold at its showroom located in Seorae Village and at select, high-end department stores and boutiques.
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