Davidechoi is based in Milan, Italy. She studied at Domus Academy (master in accessories design) and graduated in 2010.

Davidechoi is a new jewelry brand company that provides high quality technical handmade pieces to its customers.

Davidechoi is scheduled to begin operations at the beginning of 2012. Davidechoi is owned and operated by designer kyung me Choi.
Early 2012, Davidechoi launched new collection called ‘Fusion Tango’. Tango collection is inspired by the synthesis of electronically fusion music. The song is called ‘La Gloria’ by Gotan Project.

Tango collection is a study of the modern, unique and chic style; it is unisex jewelry which covers from basic style to unique style.

Kyung Me Choi creates one of a kind piece style that is matching any outfit in any occasion. All the jewelries are produced by highly skilled crafter.

The main materials used in these items are superior quality of onyx and silver.

Our hand crafter trims and crafts absolutely beautiful and modernize, one of a kind jewelry.

Therefore, each piece is made with extreme care and dedication.
Ear Cuff
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